News Cryptocurrency Retirement Platform Auctus Aims To Take The Awkward...

Cryptocurrency Retirement Platform Auctus Aims To Take The Awkward Out Of Planning


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BLOCK TRIBUNE: Tell me what borderless investment opportunities are and what they look like.

RAPHAEL VANTROOST: Retirement is a very regulated space. So typically you have local solutions. And it’s very hard to have an international solution. There’s different reasons for it. Legislation reasons but there’s also technological reasons. Now, in terms of the regulatory environment, we cannot change the regulatory landscape. But blockchain helps us to have a global solution, which gives access to everybody, no matter where they are and what currency they are in. And therefore, that’s one of the features of the platform, that we give access to everybody. In order to do that, we have to take certain constraints at the beginning. So at the beginning, we’re focusing on voluntary retirement planning, which removes essentially the regulatory constraints. At a later stage, we’ll go more into local solutions. But in terms of generating a large community and also in terms of having a strong token model, token model is an essential piece when creating a token sale. It’s important to have a global community and not just a local solution. Otherwise, you will also have a local base. It’s usually hard then to create a global base after all.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What’s the differentiation between your service, which is based in Brazil, and something here in the United States that allows investments for a portion of your retirement account in cryptocurrency?

RAPHAEL VANTROOST: Yeah, in fact we actually incorporated in Gibraltar and the administration is based out of Switzerland with development in Brazil. You’re probably referring to crypto IRA, if I’m not mistaken?

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What’s the difference between what you do and what they do?

RAPHAEL VANTROOST: We go a bit further. At the core of the solution is offering transparency, information knowledge, giving better information to the user. And then subsequently, of course it’s the mix of investments, traditional equities and bond investments, coupled with cryptocurrency investments.

Now on the cryptocurrency part, I think you can compare us with CoinIRA, I believe they’re called.  You act as the platform, you can upload your existing IRA or employee pay plan. And then you can add assets of your interest or you can consult Global Advisory, giving you a set of pre-defined portfolios. And then you can run analytics on it such as simulating what would happen if you would contribute $200 more a month? Is there a path to early retirement? What would be the long term impact if you have more equities? Or if you increase your cryptocurrency allocation? So it’s more, it’s not just about the investment itself, it’s about giving more transparency and information, which I believe is a shortcoming of the current industry. Me being from Switzerland I think we have very well advanced fund managers, retirement fund managers in Switzerland. Yet, I have no idea what would happen if I would add another $200 at the end of the month to my retirement plan. I have no idea if there’s a path to early retirement and we’re really trying to change that.

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