Crypto-based White Label Exchange Ibinex Revamps Website in Advance of Global Launch

A lack of transparency and inconsistent regulation across the crypto space combined with technical issues, lack of liquidity, large price discrepancies between exchanges and the absence of exchange interconnectivity, is hindering widespread adoption and investment by the general public according to the team at Ibinex.

In-keeping with its corporate mission to bring the future of crypto exchange to financial institutions and companies worldwide, white label crypto exchange, Ibinex, recently revamped its website introducing the second version of the Ibinex platform which delivers a more seamless and enjoyable way to trade crypto.

First incorporated in 2014 with the aim to provide Bitcoin liquidity to the growing crypto marketplace, Ibinex founders realized early on what the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies could be and in turn, what the advantages of trading crypto would be for the international market going forward.

Spanning more than 14 countries, the team’s 100-person staff of engineers, marketers and fintech experts has encountered many different issues around delivering a stable and safe trading experience for clients to date. According to Ibinex founders, the biggest problems they’ve observed arise when partnering with the wrong 3rd party providers whose stipulations and requirements often prevent institutions from sustaining and growing in today’s financial sector.

Ibinex, withstanding the turbulent marketplace and crypto economy, has efficiently evolved with the times and refined its platform in the process. Now offering a suite of innovative products outlined in the new site launch including enhanced client interface, a robust admin back end as well as mobile apps, wallets, and liquidity solutions, Ibinex is set to deliver an advanced user-friendly crypto exchange experience to existing financial companies and novice traders alike.

The new Ibinex site and global outreach plans will focus on delivering increased custom technology development and professional services to start-ups and existing organizations within the financial markets as well as individual traders. In addition to providing clients with a stand-alone crypto wallet for mobile, which clients can brand and offer to customers through Google Play and Apple apps, Ibinex has created a fully-equipped crypto exchange platform for financial institutions along with custom reporting and complete onboarding support.

Among the currencies on tap and growing are bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash and a range of additional ICO currencies. Ibinex can also support multiple API connections and connect with most mainstream FX platforms for retail spot and institutional trading.

Founder and Executive Director of Ibinex, Simon Grunfeld, revealed that the second version of the Ibinex platform features a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, helping exchanges organize customer data as well as KYC/AML documentation collection verification plus account and money management.

The new Ibinex platform also incorporates an aggregated liquidity exchange providing clients with coveted access to first-tier top of book API bridges from more than 60 leading exchanges. By providing clients access to a listing of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, traders can rest assured they’ll never miss an opportunity to benefit from liquidity as trends shift.

The new platform will also provide clients with a first of its kind cryptocurrency payment processing and exclusive payment solution unavailable elsewhere – revolutionizing the way crypto is bought and sold.

One of the most notable facets of the new platform is its compliant banking solution following the announcement earlier this year of the Ibinex EU licensure confirmation. The new EU license makes Ibinex the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange platform with a virtual exchange license offering fully compliant processing.

In addition to offering an EU licensed crypto exchange, the new Ibinex platform has advanced security and is guarded 24/7 in a private cloud. Crypto-based funds are held safely in shielded, impregnable cold wallets while cyber security experts maintain the platform around the clock.

Ibinex is putting more emphasis on corporate transparency with its new site roll-out and global marketing plans by publishing the identities of its team members and founders on the site along with details of the company’s three-year product roadmap.

Visitors to the new site will have access to the Ibinex White Paper released earlier this month, revealing core competitive advantages of the newest released platform as well as discussing the Ibinex team’s strong commitment to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research both for educational and philanthropic advancement.

The White Paper discusses the economic and societal breakthroughs blockchain is providing the world noting its capabilities span far beyond processing digital transactions. Ibinex shares the fact that because blockchain can store anything of use digitally, it is thereby a tremendous asset to the education, science, technology, computer science and business sectors, as well as a host of others.

An overarching goal of Ibinex is to bridge those who have knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry with those who do not. The new Ibinex platform and site launch will do just that.


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