News CoinReport Bitstamp unveils unified pricing, launches ether

CoinReport Bitstamp unveils unified pricing, launches ether


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Bitstamp logoBitstamp, the EU’s first and only licensed cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled its unified pricing structure, according to an email CoinReport received from Uproar, Bitstamp’s PR firm.

The email said that following in the wake of the exchange’s newly-added trading pairs, the decision to provide customers with simple, straight-forward and competitive pricing will be beneficial as the company continues the expansion of its trading portfolio.

According to a news article by Bitstamp, instead of offering a different fee schedule for each trading pair, it adds up to unify the fees and extend the benefits to customers.

Now, when fees will be calculated, the customer’s 30-day volume on all trading pairs will be combined and then converted to USD, with the relevant fee being applied according to the simple fee schedule below, keeping trading costs down for all the customers in the process:

Fee percentage 30 days USD volume
0.25% <$20,000
0.24% <$100,000
0.22% <$200,000
0.20% <$400,000
0.15% <$600,000
0.14% <$1,000,000
0.13% <$2,000,000
0.12% <$4,000,000
0.11% <$20,000,000
0.10% <$20,000,000

As of Thursday, August 17, Bitstamp has also made ether available for trading with USD, EUR and BTC, offering a heavy discount on the trading fees until January 1, 2018. The discount is as follows:

Free trading Until October 1, 2017
75% discount Until November 1, 2017
50% discount Until December 1, 2017
25% discount Until January 1, 2018

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Bitstamp logo – Courtesy of Bitstamp via Uproar

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