News Clover's Silence on Litecoin, Poppy Integration Is Deafening

Clover’s Silence on Litecoin, Poppy Integration Is Deafening


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Clover’s Silence on Litecoin, Poppy Integration Is Deafening

Clover's Silence on Litecoin, Poppy Integration Is Deafening

Clover’s silence on litecoin and Tron-powered PoppyPOS integration contrasts starkly with the noise being made by both the litecoin and Poppy/Tron camps. Is there more–or rather less–to this than meets the eye?

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Golden? Deafening? Clover’s Silence on Litecoin, Poppy Integration Begs a Question or Two

Clover was a startup acquired by Atlanta-based First Data, run by ex-JPMorgan employee Frank Bisignano. First Data is a payments behemoth that processes around 45 percent of all credit card transactions worldwide. Clover’s PoS systems operate in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Germany, and Austria, with roll-out plans for Canada and Argentina. Overall, they have around a million terminals in operation. Their line up of terminals include Station, Flex, Mini, and Go, enabling merchants to accept payments in-store or on their mobile phones.

Clover also has an app market for merchants looking to add functionality to their PoS setup, featuring everything from payroll to inventory management and marketing apps. At press time, there are no apps related to litecoin, Tron, Poppy, or Seed.

Clover's silence on litecoin

What Is Litecoin Saying? issued a September 20th Medium post titled “1M+ Merchants Can Now Process Litecoin Payments Via Clover POS”. In the post, it is claimed that “Clover the cloud based open POS solution option now has indirect Litecoin support across its devices…” Indirect needs to be emphasized here. The post was edited at the request of Clover to add:

“It is against Clover App market policies to develop apps that accept cryptocurrency payments e.g. bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin etc. Therefore no apps that integrate crypto payments with Clover are accepted into the app market.”

Integrating litecoin into Clover appears to be possible for merchants, but it is more of a hack than a gateway-backed payment method. The hack is explained in this video:

And What Is Poppy Saying?

Poppy is a payment platform developed by popular Tron Foundation Super Representative, Sesameseed. Sesameseed is the top ranked Super Representative on the Tron network at press time, and, unlike most other high-ranking representatives, is now paying its voters in Seed, rather than Tron TRX. (Vote-buying is acceptable on the Tron network.)

Seed tokens are native Sesameseed tokens pegged 1:1 with Tron TRX. Seed tokens can also be invested in Sesameseed’s SEEDGerminator projects, one of which is the development of PoppyPOS.

Clover's silence on litecoin

Poppy is a Tron-based DApp under development that will enable payment in TRX and other Tron tokens at Clover PoS terminals. The Poppy hack for the crypto-hostile Clover is that it will be spendable through the use of a TronCard (now in beta)–a TRX (and tokens) wallet and payment card in one.

Justin Sun proudly tweeted about the development yesterday:

It appears uncertain as to whether Clover will add the PoppyPOS app to its app store, or if individual merchants will need to choose to add it to their terminals. The difference will be crucial to the speed of adoption–by Clover merchants–of PoppyPOS, and hence TRX, at the point of sale.

Tron has quietly developed a healthy and active ecosystem, despite its spree of underwhelming announcements. Whether Poppy is able to usher in a genuine retail-level use case for Tron is probably up to Clover.

And thus far, Clover’s silence on litecoin and Poppy integration has been telling. Bitsonline reached out to Clover representatives to confirm if they had agreed to incorporate the Poppy app in their app market.

Their response creates more questions than answers:

“Clover is designed to process only credit cards, debit cards, and checks electronically. However, you can account for any type of tender sales that you run with Clover.”

Have your say. Does Clover’s silence on litecoin or Poppy mean they are not going to incorporate crypto into their PoS infrastructure?

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