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lina.review and lao government memorandum

Laos Moves Towards Application of e-Governance

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on the same day between the Lina Network and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos for...

Nicehash Returns to Action After Theft of 4,700 Bitcoin

Positive surprises do not come around all that often in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This makes the return of Nicehash...

Tumblebit Adds Tor Integration, Nears Completion

Matthew Hrones · July 13, 2017 · 2:30 pm ...

Beldex Releases Groundbreaking Hybrid DEX and Crypto Debit Card!

Beldex is one of the first hybrid exchanges, whose ICO is touted to be launched on 01/05/18. It has the advantages of both decentralization...

Central Banks Using Ripple (XRP)

Ripple’s XRP – is a game changer –...

Tron’s Whitepaper is Copied, Plagiarized

Incredible. The $14 billion whitepaper is not even original with pages and pages of it copied pretty much verbatim from the...

(XRP) Ripple Surpasses VISA Transaction Speed

The progress of XRP (Ripple) happens so quickly...

Jelurida’s Nxt Platform and Ardor Platform – What Are They, and What Can They...

Jelurida is a blockchain startup that creates open-source blockchain startups. Their primary product, Nxt, has been responsible for pioneering many advances in blockchain applications....
tapcoin ico news pr

A Fun and Rewarding Crypto Booking Experience with TAP Coin

We are more interconnected than ever before. Technological advances have propelled us further than our ancestors thought possible. With this, we have more power...

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