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IOT Internet of Things

Blockchain becomes a hit in trans-boundary fields – IOT has become a new hot...

As the blockchain becomes increasingly popular, more countries, organizations and enterprises enter the area of block chain. The cross industry application of blockchain is...

Earning on Cryptoassets: Difficulties of Inter-Exchange Arbitrage

Arbitrage is one of the least risky methods of trading at cryptocurrency sites – there is a unique possibility today to earn benefiting from...
Roulette casino with bitcoin

How Bitcoin Gambling is Challenging the Traditional Gambling

A Peek into the Crypto-Gambling Revolution Bitcoin and blockchain technology have had a lot of impact on various spaces and fields ever since they were...
Is Miner Edge worth an Investment

Is Miner Edge worth an Investment?

Stakes are high, when the launch of private sale is just a week away for Miner Edge which claims that it would be the...
usa cashless society

Is US headed Towards a Cashless Economy Through Blockchain?

Blockchain is everywhere today. Nowadays, established nations are looking to develop the digital currencies. It will allow consumers and businesses to have digital wallets...
Women in Cryptocurrency

6 Influential Women to Watch in Blockchain

Prior to this time, most people have regarded cryptocurrencies as the investment for men, but things are changing right now with more women entering...

The Marketing and Consumer Behavior of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Users

The prominent users of cryptocurrencies today are average Joes’ who want to profit from the price waves. There are a host of other institutional...

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Emerging Markets

Since the exponential growth of cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin in particular, the many benefits of blockchain technology are finally starting to become understood. One specific...
cryptocurrency exchange risks

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Major Risks and Expert Advice

During the bitcoin frenzy, in late 2017, Coinbase, one of the key players in the global cryptocurrency market, stopped trading operations. At a point...
digital advertising and referrals in the blockchain age

Digital Advertising and Referrals in the Blockchain Age

For nearly a decade, digital ad sales gained increasing traction as customers began giving progressively more time to their personal technology. A study conducted...

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