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Cargo Uber – IMMLA – starts its ICO today! – Crypto Insider


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Cargo Uber – IMMLA – starts its ICO today! - Crypto Insider

ICO of the International Multimodal Logistics Application (IMMLA, created by the consortium of logistic giants as Hellmann and Formag as well as leader of IT solutions for logistics SBSolution) starts on September 15, 2017 at 00.00 (UTC+3). Just hours remained until the start of crowdsale of one of the biggest logistic applications based on blockchain worldwide.

The service will significantly increase the level of safety and control over transportations at the global level. IMMLA has the world’s best team of experts in logistics and IT, who have developed the leading ERP-solution Logismart. Step-by-step IMMLA team will create a multimodal blockchain forwarder based on the Logismart solution and the Ethereum blockchain.

“We are very excited with the level of interest we’ve seen from the community. We suggest that the ICO campaign will bring the expected results, and the number of investors will increase many times and even dozens of times in comparison with Pre-ICO,” said Mikhail Astakhov, cofounder of IMMLA.

Total supply of IML tokens for ICO is 434,477,177 IML (122.888 ETH). ICO will be considered successful if 18,000,000 IML tokens are sold.

To participate in IMMLA ICO you need to visit IMMLA official website on September 15. There will be placed an instruction for investing.

Important: IMMLA service will automatically use 36% of the proceeds to redeem and burn IML tokens. In such a way, the number of IML tokens will be reduced over some time and the demand will drive the price to grow.

Early participants of ICO will get bonus 8%. That’s because the sale will take place among 4 lots, where each lot will be approximately 2.5% more expensive than the previous one.

The funds raised during the ICO will be directed for the launch of a road and sea freight module in 2018. Hence, there will be a phased development and introduction of new modules into the service every 9 months: “air” and “customs” in 2019, “forwarding” and “warehouse” in 2020, and “railway” in 2021. In case there will be more access to the expert knowledge and budget, some of the modules may be launched earlier.

On September 12, just before ICO start IMMLA launched renewed version of its site. It is available at Website contains English and Chinese versions. It will soon be replenished with other language versions.

White Paper ver. 2.0 will be published just before ICO.

Earlier IMMLA released Proof of Concept of its system. It is available at and shows the work of the IMMLA blockchain. External monitoring of the IMMLA blockchain is available at

Also pre-alpha version of IMMLA system was released on September 10. A video-overview of pre-alpha version is available on the official channel of IMMLA on Youtube.

IMMLA is an International Multimodal Logistics Application based on the Ethereum blockchain. IMMLA mission is a safe and convenient interaction between the cargo owner and the carrier at all stages of the cargo transportation process. The new technology will dramatically reduce the number of the personnel involved in logistics planning, information barriers and legal costs.

Contributing in IMMLA gives you a possibility to make a revolution in international logistics!

We invite you to invest in the Decentralized Future of Logistics – IMMLA!

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