News BTC-Alpha Integrates Dash, Adding Liquidity for Russian Speakers

BTC-Alpha Integrates Dash, Adding Liquidity for Russian Speakers


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BTC-Alpha was “founded in 2015 by the Ukrainian entrepreneur Vitaly Bodnar as a platform for convenient trading with the English-Russian interface” to service a population that wanted to get cryptocurrency access.

BTC-Alpha claims that they have 7 key areas that gives them an advantage over other exchanges: “top-level security, fast deposit and withdrawal of funds, real-time quotations, dynamic fee system, referral program, 24/7 support, publicity”. However, they take their security very seriously and claim that “[a]ccording to the latest ICORating security rating, BTC-Alpha was ranked 14th out of 221 in terms of security” with “the BTC-Alpha support service ( is online 24/7 and promptly helps in solving all the arisen situations”.

“Dash is faster than Bitcoin, it has minimal fees and has many partnerships with payment services, so it is well suited for everyday payments.”

BTC-Alpha also claimed that news around the Dash blockchain “shows a steady increase in the adoption of DASH” and this was also a factor in their decision to integrate Dash. BTC-Alpha also cited the “several varieties of electronic wallets have been developed in the Dash system, ensuring reliable security of money and ease of their use, and usability is an important aspect of the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange work”. The exchange primarily serves users in the following countries: Russia, Indonesia, China, Ukraine, India, US, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, and the UK.

Increasing affordable liquidity

BTC-Alpha employs a relatively unique trading fee structure since it is based on a traders cash flow over the past 30 days rather than fixed across all coins and traders. Its Maker/Taker fees are 0.20%/0.20% for less than 100 BTC, 0.18%/0.18% for 100-500 BTC, 0.15%/0.18% for 500-1,000 BTC, 0.15%/0.15% for 1,000-5,000 BTC, and 0.10%/0.10% for more than 5,000 BTC. The exchange also has deposit and withdrawal fees for each coin, but have not yet listed the fees for Dash. The exchange also offers “a unique referral program that will allow users to earn up to 50% of referral fees”. BTC-Alpha said that they “want[ed] to stimulate traders and encourage regular customers of the company” with this trading fee structure, which helps build greater liquidity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This increase in liquidity access help provide consumers and merchants with more on and off ramps, which are necessary to increase the overall adoption. More on and off ramps not only make it easier for consumers to purchase Dash and cryptocurrency, but also gives them confidence that if they ever want to cash out, they have the ability to do so. If this option is not available, then potential users may never even take the leap to enter the cryptocurrency sector in the first place. Additionally, many merchants that accept cryptocurrency, do not hold cryptocurrency long-term; they simply exchange it for fiat to cover their bills. Thus, having more fiat exchanges helps make merchant adoption more likely.

Dash facilitates exchange integration efforts

Dash recognizes the need to have as many on and off ramps as possible to increase overall adoption, and thus, Dash has been able to achieve numerous exchange integrations. Additionally, Dash has been able to get numerous exchanges to recognize the security of its New InstantSend and ChainLocks, which confirms transactions in seconds rather than minutes or hours for other cryptocurrencies. This is a significant advantage for traders that work on thin margins and often need to move money quickly and cheaply to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Dash has been able to accomplish this by having its DAO Treasury to fund individuals to dedicate full time efforts to achieving these integrations.



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