IOT Internet of Things

As the blockchain becomes increasingly popular, more countries, organizations and enterprises enter the area of block chain. The cross industry application of blockchain is gradually mature, and it has developed into “blockchain +” model, and the IOT based on Internet of things is one of the most outstanding projects.

Redefining the Internet of Things (IOT)

The so-called “blockchaining +” mode is about the comprehensive cross industry application of block chain and other industries. The “blockchain + Internet of things” model used by IOT combines the two epoch-making concepts of the block chain and the Internet of things through the intelligent Internet of things chip and realizes the complete ecology of “super public chain +IOT purse + distributed exchange + safe storage of Internet of things” through the FBA consensus agreement.

The emergence of IOT has snapped at least five declining tendencies of traditional Internet of things:

1) Security: the centralized storage mode of traditional IOT causes potential risks such as hacker attacks and data leakage, and users’ information is in a “exposed” state.

2) High cost: the installation cost of the IOT cloud-based systems is high.

3) Sharing: sharing data from different manufacturers is difficult to achieve.

4) Multiple payment methods: the current single payment method of Internet of things is hard to meet the popularity and development of Internet of things technology.

5) Compatibility: at present, the Internet of things industry lacks unified norms, and the compatibility of mainstream protocols is poor.

Coexistence of creativity and strength – IOT

In the IOT system, the block chain technology based on decentralization can realize the decentralization and distrust in the field of Internet of things through the chip research, production and operation combined with the integrated intelligent contract and the consensus system.

1) Meet the high security requirements of the Internet of things terminals through the common consensus between the cloud and the Internet of things.

2) Maintain common account books through various terminal manufacturers to guarantee the stability and security of unilateral accounting, and to reduce the cloud cost of Internet of things.

3) Realize almost zero cost payment in the smart equipment industry through decentralization or multi-center bookkeeping method at the nearest node accounts.

4) Transform the communication data into the corresponding asset mode through the application of the block chain protocol, and the specific communication content is used as an additional field to communicate to reach up to the standard of various terminals application communication.

It can be said that the emergence of the IOT has solved many problems in the field of Internet of things at present, representing the future form of the development of the Internet of things.

IOT Internet of Things

The new choice of investment in digital assets – IOT

In addition, from the point of view of the token economy, the popular and various application scene and lightweight mining mechanism can bring sufficient liquidity for the IOT token. But because of the limited amount of the total, the value of the token will continue to increase with the continuous increase of the group holding and using the IOT. IOT, as a digital asset with appreciation potential, is worth investing. When we see:

EOS, which has only solved the problem of network congestion, has appreciated by more than 100 times.

IOTA, whose consensus mechanism and security system are still at the initial stage, has appreciated more than 4300 times.

So how many times will the value of the IOT with the FBA consensus mechanism and the chip-cloud multilevel consensus, which solves the problem of security, payment, cost, and standard problems in the field of Internet of things appreciate?

With the gradual improvement of the global market of the IOT, the strong combination of “blockchain + Internet of Things” makes the IOT have the potential to become the next star project. IOT will become EOS in the field of Internet of things in the future, leading the ecological construction of the central Internet of things and creating a win-win model for the individual to participate in and gain profit.

For investors, the stability of the project and the steadfast style of the team are very important. Instead of relying on the short wavelengths of the secondary market, it is better to choose a new dark horse with a valuable potential. IOT is not only a successful investment choice, but also a choice for the way of life of the Internet of things in the future. The IOT holder will be the pioneer and beneficiary of the era of “blockchain + Internet of Things”.

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