Korean crypto exchange platform Bithumb just announced that they would add support for Cardano (ADA). The company also revealed that they are listing Status Network Token (SNT).

Bithumb made the grand announcement on Twitter, triggering excitement among crypto enthusiasts and ADA and SNT fans.

“Love Cardano, such an amazing team, and vision.  Don’t even get me started on how fantastic the tech is too,” one person tweeted. Another crypto enthusiast believes that this is a “perfect timing.  The market will bounce up now because of Coinbase.”

Bithumb will run a 1% payback event

In order to celebrate this event which is important for both the crypto and the exchange itself, Bithumb will run a 1% payback event if users deposit and then trade the new additions on the exchange. Today, June 14, the deposit addresses will open around 14:00 +9 UTC. The 1% payback event will be applied to all deposits that will take place starting today until Saturday, June 16, at midnight in Korea time.

The trading period will end on Wednesday, June 20. The giveaway date is scheduled for Friday, July 6, and this will be applied to both deposit and trading totals.

Cardano and its Daedalus wallet

Cardano is a blockchain platform that flaunts advanced features which are more advanced than any protocol that has been developed so far. This is the first to evolve out of scientific philosophy. IOHK is the developer, and it boasts a massive team of expert engineers and researchers who come from all over the world. Cardano’s wallet is called Daedalus wallet, and it’s a secure multi-platform, hierarchal deterministic (HD) wallet for the ADA crypto. You can install it on your system to open the app and then get started with the Ca4rdano ecosystem. Using the wallet, you can send and receive ADA and also view the history of all the transactions that you have ever made. Other essential features flaunted by Daedalus include the following:

  • Encrypted private keys and passwords which offer enhanced protection against various security threats
  • Wallets can get exported to paper certificates for maximum security and placing funds in cold storage
  • ADA redemption is built straight into the wallet and supports encrypted/unencrypted redemption certificates

You can read more here.

ADA is currently trading in the green at $0.170346 on CoinMarketCap.

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