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Bitfinex and Tether PR Person is Allegedly Linked to a Ponzi Scheme


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The Bitfinexed twitter account has become somewhat of a cult personality in the world of cryptocurrency. This one account shares a lot of evidence regarding Bitfinex and Tether colluding. Although this is not to the liking of either company, new information keeps coming out regardless. One of the more recent bits of information involves the PR person for both companies. Ronn Torossian is apparently connected to a well-known Ponzi scheme known as Jetsmarter. Another worrisome development if it’s true, although everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyone representing Bitfinex or Tether in an official capacity will be scrutinized right now. There has been so much speculation regarding the collusion of both companies, something almost has to be true. While we may never know the exact details, the story keeps unfolding in front of our own eyes. One of the latest allegations involves Ronn Torossian, the PR person for both Tether and Bitfinex.Not only does this confirm another connection between both companies, but Ronn isn’t free of blame either. More specifically, it seems he is involved with the JetSmarter project.

More Bitfinex and Tether Concerns

While that company may not ring a bell, it is worth paying attention to. Not for the right reasons, mind you. It appears Jetsmarter is a clear Ponzi Scheme. The Verge ran an article on this company which shows how the company is not as legitimate as once assumed. While the company’s vision is solid, ensuring it is achievable is something else. In those discussions, Torossian dismissed any allegations regarding the company and their service or lack thereof. However, the jury is still out on whether or not this is actually a Ponzi Scheme.

Jetsmarter has been successful when it comes to raising money. They raised hundreds of millions from private investors in the hopes of seeing the company go through an IPO. That will never happen, though, as there are too many concerns over this company and their product. Rest assured there will be some interesting developments regarding this company in the future. Torossian is the CMO of Jetsmarter, which makes all of this even more interesting.

For Bitfinex and Tether, unfortunately, it may very well be another nail in the coffin. Although there is no evidence of any wrongdoing or illegal activity, a lot of interesting “coincidences” are starting to pile up. It will be interesting to see if any of these allegations are indeed true. One can’t just dismiss these pieces of information even if they are pure coincidence. There are some shady business decisions made by all parties involved, that much no one can deny.

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