Bitcoin Price Predictions: BTC Could Reportedly Hit $100k In Four Years And Millions In The Long Term

Despite the bearish 2018 when the crypto market lost a lot of its total market cap and Bitcoin fell harder than ever dragging all the coins with it, crypto investors still seem pretty enthusiastic.

They are speculating BTC’s validity, and value will definitely be on the rise.

More precisely, crypto investors see the token hitting somewhere between $100,000 and millions of dollars in the long run.

A poll shows impressive results

TradingView is a prominent charting site, and the crypto trader and top author MagicPoopCannon just polled his more than 20,000 Twitter followers, wanting to find out how the vast majority sees Bitcoin in terms of pricing.

NewsBTC reported that the trader himself believes hat BTC will hit at least $100,000 in the next four years. Eventually, he believes that BTC could definitely surpass, $1 million.

“The large majority of his followers agree, according to a Twitter poll the trader ran. As much as 42% of nearly 3,000 voters think that Bitcoin price will reach $100,000 to “millions” long term. 30% see the leading crypto only reaching a maximum of the previous all-time high price of $20,000 to $100,000, and just 13% think that its value will top out somewhere between $3,000 and $20,000,” NewsBTC reveals.

More positive predictions regarding BTC’s price

The price-related predictions about Bitcoin vary from shy surges to pretty huge ones.

For instance, one mind-blowing prediction comes from John McAfee. The founder of McAfee Association is completely convinced that by the end of 2020, one Bitcoin will equal one million dollars.

Tom Lee seems more down to earth with his BTC price prediction.

He talked to Crypto Market News and said that in his opinion, the price of BTC would definitely recover and it will be “much higher” than $3.900 by the end of 2019.

Things have been going great in the crypto market this year, and apart from some bullish moves in the crypto market, there are also various steps that are being taken which will definitely lead to mass adoption.



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