, the recently launched bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange from China mining provider ViaBTC Limited announced that in order to control speculation and avoid major price fluctuations, the company is going to adjust their transaction fees for all CNY trading pairs (including API Taker fee) to 0.2% with API Maker fee remaining at 0%.

The changes are effective starting today.

The CNY withdrawal fee will remain 0.1% and the transaction fee will also remain 0.1% non-CNY trading pairs.

The ViaBTC team said:

“We would like to remind you that drastic price fluctuations of cryptocurrency invite high risks and we suggest to judge rationally before making any investments.”

The ViaBTC Exchange was launched back in May 2017 and was made possible through an investment of $2.9 million from Bitmain Technologies back in April.

Initially, ViaBTC wanted to focus on domestic Chinese users with plans to then further expand out internationally.

ViaBTC currently deals in BTC/CNY, BCC/CNY, LTC/CNY, ETH/CNY, and ZEC/CNY and recently their only crypto to crypto asset BCC/BTC.

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