Bitcoin ETF: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Brings Great News For The Cryptosphere

The US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce is bringing joy to the whole crypto community.

Her latest speech shows that she’s still pushing for a BTC ETF approval and more crypto friendly regulation.

The lack of clarity and regulation are just some of the reasons which keep mass adoption one step away.

The SEC Commissioner Robert J. Jackson has recently said in an interview that he believes that BTC ETF will eventually be approved.

His comments come after the SEC rejected many proposals based on issues such as the crypto ecosystem’s liquidity, price manipulation and also concerns regarding custody.

Hester Peirce supports regulation

Now, Peirce delivered a speech at the University of Missouri School of Law, addressing the subject of Protecting the Public While Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship: First Principles of Optimal Regulation.

She made sure to criticize her fellow commissioners while encouraging ones for crypto enthusiasts.

“There is also great interest in exchange-traded products based on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As I have mentioned in the past, I am concerned that our approach concerning such products borders on merit-based regulation, which means that we are substituting our own judgment for that of potential investors in these products,” Peirce said.

She continued and explained that “We rightfully fault investors for jumping blindly at anything labeled crypto, but at times we seem to be equally impulsive in running away from anything labeled crypto. We owe it to investors to be careful, but we also owe it to them not to define their investment universe with our preferences.”

You can read more essential excerpts from her speech in Ethereumworldnews.

Bitcoin, on the right track towards mass adoption

Despite all these factors that are in the way of adoption, the crypto space is on the right track to achieving it.

There are enough catalysts these days to lead the cryptosphere to the end goal of mainstream adoption.



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