News Bitcoin Cash to be Airdropped on Students

Bitcoin Cash to be Airdropped on Students


- Advertisment -, one of bitcoin’s biggest mining pool and one of the first major Bitcoin Cash wallet provider, is hosting an airdrop event this October 6th in collaboration with the Leeds University Union Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Society (LUUCABS).

“LUUCABS will catapult Leeds University students into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The opportunity to be involved in this technological revolution is not one to be missed,” George Benton, co-president of LUUCABS, said.

The airdrop is to take place in an educational event on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology where presentations about bitcoin, bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies will be held.

They will further discuss blockchain technology and provide basic information for students, with a live transaction demonstrated by the event organizer who will send some Bitcoin Cash to a student in China.

To conclude the event, before heading to the union bar, a Bitcoin Cash airdrop will take place whereby 150 students are to be given £1-£2 worth of bitcoin cash provided by

While one lucky student will receive £50 worth of Bitcoin Cash to keep him supplied with enough six packs for a week, unless he or she decides to splash it all on the day at the students union bar.

The university appears to have some strong bitcoin supporters among its students, with Emmanuel Young, co-presidents of LUUCABS, stating:

“The blockchain is the future. I want to be involved, to the fullest extent, in that future.”

This is the first ever Bitcoin Cash airdrop and it’s to take place just over two months since the currency formed its own blockchain on August the 1st.

But why is Bitcoin Cash, instead of plain bitcoin, being used, we wondered. With a representative from telling trustnodes in a statement:

“ has sponsored a bitcoin airdrop in the past, giving away 5 bitcoins in total. This was in 2016 when bitcoin’s fees where significantly lower. Unfortunately, bitcoin’s fees are too high for us to do any further airdrops with bitcoin.

Luckily, the creation of bitcoin cash has made airdrops possible again thanks to its lower fees. This has allowed us to continue sponsoring airdrops tied to educational initiatives such as this one. We are thrilled to continue teaching students the power and financial freedom of cryptocurrency.”

That 5 bitcoin was not worth very much in 2016, but is now worth some $25,000. Who knows how much Bitcoin Cash may be worth in 2018. So that lucky student might keep their Bitcoin Cash instead of splashing out.

But knowing students, the chances of that are probably very close to zero. However, hopefully they enjoy seeing in action instant, almost free, global transactions, that travels the world directly from one peer to another in seconds.


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