News Bitcoin Black Friday: The best crypto products to buy

Bitcoin Black Friday: The best crypto products to buy


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Brace yourself for Black Friday and its attendant midnight queues and dubious discounts. The celebration of consumerism has spilled over to the world of crypto, too. Trading platforms are offering lower trading fees, hardware wallets are up to 60% off, and crypto charts are knocking down their subscription plans. And with the wonderful, digital world of cryptocurrencies, these deals are available from the comfort of your own solar-powered micro-home.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

Ledger produce two different, high quality wallets. The cheaper Ledger Nano S supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, while its top of the line wallet, the Ledger Nano X, allows for on the go trading, using Bluetooth to connect directly with your phone. Normally, you’d have to fork out well over $100 for a Nano X, but Ledger right now are offering a 30% off sitewide discount on all their products, which lasts until December 2nd. Go git! Now!

Trezor Hardware Wallets

If Ledger isn’t right for you, then Trezor’s got your back. They also produce two mainline wallets. Their cheaper option, the Trezor One, works with a mobile or desktop device and supports over 1,000 coins. If you want to get fancy, the Trezor Model T is the wallet for you. It has a full color screen and doesn’t even need a mobile or desktop connection to make trades. It also works at -4°F, just in case you were thinking of trading in Siberia. Not to be outdone by Ledger, Trezor has matched its 30% discount, which also lasts until December 3rd.

Binance BNB Trading Fees

Moving on to trading platforms, Binance is offering up to 75% discount for those who use their facilitating cryptocurrency, BNB, to pay for trading fees. This is a huge reduction in price, so if you want to make some big moves in the market—here’s your chance.

You’ll need to have an average holding of five BNB during the period of the offer (28 November 0:00 am PST to 1 December 11:59 pm PST), so you do need to hold some of their currency to make the most of the offer. Right now, 5 BNB is around $75. This means you need to be invested in trading to make the most of this, but if you’re making a lot of trades, either as a business or as a hobby—it could be worth your while.


Trading on Binance is all well and good, but to make the right trades you’re gonna need the right charts. Enter your new best friend, TradingView. With TradingView, you can visualize a whole host of cryptocurrencies, applying a range of analytical tools to predict the market’s next move. While there is a free version of the service, the paid versions allow you to plot more tools and a faster data flow. For Black Friday, TradingView has discounts ranging from 40% to 60%—the best offer cuts the price from around $719 to $287. It’s the perfect time to step up your chart game, and get serious about crypto trading.


TensorCharts is a similar charting software to TradingView. Get your orderbook heatmaps and counters ratios now, to get complex and detailed analyses of whatever crypto pair you’re keeping your eye on. For Black Friday, its plans are knocked down by 50%, so, once again, if you love, love, love technical analysis but crave more detail, here’s your chance to try more advanced software.



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