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(Malta, Europe, August 30th, 2018) – Biohal has introduced a decentralized blockchain based solution, that is connected to the Liquid biopsy. It is designed to detect cancer and Alzheimer’s at Stage 0. Biohal aims to eliminate the apprehension towards the ailment and secure possible future of the patient by establishing the detection test be available to everyone.

Biohal leads by the following message – “To be as you and your family is“ – To find “no subjective symptom” disease at stage 0. In the current setting, medical costs are going through the roof, and not everyone can afford treatment for various terminal illnesses.

According to various reports around the globe, the medical trend for 2018 projected a significant variation by regions. Countries in the Middle East/ Africa and Latin American areas continue to show the highest average medical insurance premium rates at 15.3% and 13.9% of availing the medical attention by the people respectively.

In comparison, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America are projected to see the lowest rate of increase of 5.8% for treating the concerned ailment. Despite the variations in the said regions, the medical costs are expected to inflate to nearly 4% of the local rates of the medical attention availed by the people.

There is a difference in income inequality that separates the wealthy and common masses as the former can afford the highly advanced medical treatment for ailments like Cancer, Alzheimer and Dementia.

Biohal aims to resolve this precarious situation by bridging the gap and allowing the common people to access its innovative solution and detect Cancer at early stages. Its preventive medicine ecosystem will provide a seamless platform that will decrease medical expenses and maximise the benefits of patients.

Compared with radiations medical check-ups that are bound to have side effects, the liquid biopsy is capable of reducing the side effects to a great extent. The whole early detection system is to increase the survival rate of the patient instead of detecting it at stage 3 or 4 where the survival rate of the patient is drastically reduced.

BIOHAL solves a plethora of medical issues that derail a patient’s life. On behalf of the scientist’s who deal with the terminal diseases and bringing a cure for it, we have launched BIOHAL. The life of the individuals and their families can live with a peace of mind knowing there is an accurate early detection test with preventive medicine from BIOHAL.” Yuki Hasegawa, Founder/CEO, BIOHAL.

Biohal’s open network is an avant-garde platform that employs the biometrics authentication on blockchain which works with personal DNA data that will benefit many users who can take liquid biopsy risk examination. Biohal plans to make this test available for all people around the world who can access Biohal’s open network. The encrypted DNA data will contain an authentication key to access the Biohal’s open network related services. Users can exchange and trade their data directly with the medical institution or research companies only if they approve to disclose.

Biohal is establishing a partnership with inspection institute named PROTEO. It uses dried serum technology that solves the transportation issues by shipping a user’s blood specimen all around the world. As there are international regulations for transporting infectious substances, PROTEO came up with dried serum technology that separates serum from the blood and still can perform the stable test whose accuracy is not affected in any way.

To access the Biohal’s open network ecosystem, PON tokens are given to masses that are used within the ecosystem of patients, researchers, regulators, CRO, pharmaceutical companies and clinics. The PON token owners can become a provider of resources in order to provide the data storage for the service and in turn receive rewards for it. They could also lease out the token to the supplier and sell the token freely on the stock exchange at market value.

The usage of tokens is to take super early screening, buy and sell medical data for research, access personal medical data by biometrics authentication, DNA big data with owner’s approval and to join the ecosystem as a third player.

Right now, Biohal’s PON tokens are going through Pre ICO sale till the end of August 2018. Users can also make use of the pre-sale from the start of next month where 1 PON is equal to $0.1. The first part of crowdsale will go through the entire month of October and the second part of crowdsale will be done in the month of November. This is the chance for everybody who wishes to be a part of Biohal’s ecosystem and gain benefits from it at affordable rates by bringing accessible medical care to everyone in the world.

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