NewsBINGO Blockchain Platform Launches Exciting Game QTUM Heroes Beta

BINGO Blockchain Platform Launches Exciting Game QTUM Heroes Beta


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The Bingo.FUN (777.BINGO) team have announced the beta launch of their QTUM Heroes online arena game that’s built to facilitate crypto payments in Beta. (Not to be confused with popular bingo website

QTUM Heroes is currently in its beta stages, and a select group of investors has been given an invitation to test it.

The game is available in four different languages and players from different regions can test it. The languages it currently supports include English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

To register, players are required to have a valid mobile number and a corresponding country code. QTUM is also available on social media platforms including Telegram, WeChat, and Kakao.

All the Heroes on the QTUM game have eight specific genes. Some genes are quite rare, and those add value to the Hero character. Rare genes often belong to Generation 0 heroes.

On the game, it is possible to grow child heroes to maturity. This process requires at least 1 QTUM. It usually takes 5 minutes for the baby hero to become a full grown adult character.

Mating is also possible in the game. There is also the love center, which allows users to mate their heroes with other in-game characters.

There are currently two kinds of player versus player modes. The 1V1 mode allows a player to find another player to compete with, while the 8V8 mode enables players to choose their most muscular hero and compete in an 8-player arena. Each bout lasts for ten minutes nd the top three winners get from 0.1 to 0.3 QTUM token respectively.

At the fighting grounds, players can tip waiters to create trophies for their characters. This enhances the value of the hero in the marketplace and the Love Center.

The first testers of the game will have access to the Generation ) heroes. These heroes would soon become quite rare to get as the game gets popular. The Generation 0 heroes breed healthy babies, and they are only by the official QTUM Heroes store.

Generation 0 heroes started at a price of just 1.00 QTUM, but they’re now worth up to 20 QTUM, with an all-time high of 50 QTUM.

BINGO founder and CEO, Matt Lee reiterated that:

“We are thrilled to have launched QTUM Heroes on our platform, think of it as the App store for blockchain. We are going to bring many more games and other types of entertainment to provide an absolutely new experience for our users. This is just the beginning. “

QTUM Heroes is created by Mob Arts in conjunction with QTUM. The game company has produced several exciting games including House of Heroes, a game that has been considered one of the most successful on the Asian markets.

QTUM Heroes is the next best thing in blockchain gaming. It has a  world-class arena and other exciting features that makes it stand out.

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