Ripple and its token’s fans are incredibly excited these days. There are various new tweets that are currently fueling speculation that Binance is about to make a massive move on XRP.

There’s a picture of Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao with Ripple Senio Vice President Ethan Beard and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington that was posted today.

This image was taken from the office of Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX), a Binance backed fiat-to-crypto exchange that just launched.

After the Tweet was posted, Zhao quickly replied, joking that he could post a similar photo that might “reveal too much.”

As expected, Ripple’s enthusiast fan base on Twitter was really quick to react, and most people speculated that this is a sign that Binance could finally consider adding XRP to the new exchange as a fiat-to-crypto option, adopt xRapid, or add XRP as a base pair to its leading crypto exchange.

Using the hashtag #XRPthebase, the Ripple community has been pushing for quite a while now to convince Binance that adding XRP as a base pair would be a magnificent choice, due to the speed of the digital asset.

The addition would allow XRP to be traded directly on the platform with other cryptocurrencies.

xRapid teams up with Bittrex, Bitso, and

The new speculations come after another one great Ripple achievement.

Ripple just revealed on their blog that Bittrex would be acting as the preferred digital asset exchange for xRapid transactions that move via US dollars.

Besides this, Bitso and will become the preferred for Mexican Pesos and Philipines Pesos.

“Bittrex is one of the biggest names in digital asset trading in the U.S. The same goes for Bitso in Mexico and in the Philippines. That makes today’s announcement an important development for xRapid,” said Cory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist at Ripple.

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