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EXCLUSIVE Craig Wright: What I’ll do with Satoshi Nakamoto’s billions

Craig Wright has said a bitcoin fortune worth somewhere around $7 billion should revert to him in January 2020. Will that...

MakerDAO co-creator donates $1.4 million in MKR to Carnegie Mellon

Nikolai Mushegian, a former chief architect for the MakerDAO project, has donated $1.4 million worth of MKR tokens to Carnegie Mellon...

Justin Sun’s BitTorrent buys DLive streaming platform

Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun’s decentralized peer-to-peer filesharing network BitTorrent has bought DLive, the blockchain-based livestreaming home of world No. 2 YouTuber PewDiePie.

Fidelity bringing bitcoin trading to Europe

Fidelity is expanding the business of its digital assets into Europe and it has selected Chris Tyrer to lead the charge.

Fowler plea may lead to Bitfinex’s missing $850 million

The man who is allegedly the mastermind behind cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex’s missing $850 million is poised to cop a plea. What...

EXCLUSIVE: Craig Wright shares timestamped document he claims reveals roots of “Satoshi Nakamoto” name

One of the greatest mysteries in crypto that no one has ever been able to solve is the identity of Satoshi...
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KryptoCibule: The Cryptostealing Malware

ESET antivirus researchers have announced the discovery...