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Finance Magnates (formerly: Forex Magnates) is the world’s only multi-asset online/electronic trading knowledge hub. Using a powerful triangle of news, research and events, Finance Magnates literally caters to the needs of the entire global trading industry.

“Price Follows Hashrate”: Max Keiser Believes Bitcoin is On the Way Up

Although the price of Bitcoin has been sliding for months, BTC’s hashrate (the total computing power that a blockchain network uses to send and...

Self-Regulating Body Prohibits ‘Anonymous’ Cryptocurrencies from Japanese Exchanges

COINTELEGRAPH JAPAN–The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association, a self-regulating body of 16 exchanges, announced a plan on June 81 for a new set of...

Steve Bannon is Bullish On Bitcoin, Seeking to Invest in ICOs

Former White House Chief Strategist and fallen-from-grace Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon is ‘ into Bitcoin,’ according to a report by the New York Times...

Ethereum Jumps 9% After SEC Says It’s Not a Security

It’s been difficult to track the exact effects of government regulation on the price of cryptocurrency. However, there seems to have been a noticeable...

“This Will Not Stand!” McAfee Rails Against SEC Over Cryptocurrency

Former anti-virus magnate John McAfee is attacking the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) again. McAfee let loose on Twitter this Thursday after Jay...

Community Rejects Bitcoin Manipulation Study, Bitcoin in Slight Recovery

Yesterday, we reported on a study published by economics professor John M. Griffin in which he claimed that the price of Bitcoin was routinely...

Market Madness: Litecoin Drops Below $100, Bitcoin Struggles to Find Support

After a significant slide since January, the cryptocurrency bounced back in April. Though it could not touch the apex, the upward momentum created a...

Coinbase to List Ethereum Classic in “the Coming Months”

Coinbase, the United States’ largest cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform, has announced its intention to add Ethereum Classic on its trading platform.https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1006344839569403905Time to buy...

Cryptocurrencies Tank Amid Bitcoin Whale Sale and CFTC Investigation

The cryptocurrency market has tanked today, with prices of all the top coins dropping by as much as 10.56 percent.Source: coinmarketcap.comThis coincides with three...

What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform which allows clients to trade cryptocurrencies as well as other digital assets into fiat currency along with other...

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