Atari Enters Cryptocurrencies With Its Own NFTs

It is founding the new Atari Blockchain division.

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Atari has announced in recent years many future projects such as the Linux-based Atari VCS console, an online casino in which players will use Ethereum as well as its own cryptocurrency, Atari Token, with which customers will even be able to pay at the company’s upcoming hotels called Atari Hotels.

Atari issued a statement on April 1 in which it says it will rearrange its organization into two sections: Atari Gaming for consoles, games, etc., and Atari Blockchain for cryptocurrencies.

The main objectives of Atari Blockchain are the development of Atari Token and the prospects of blockchain in gaming, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), and online worlds based on blockchain.

The company also said it has so far been very successful in trying to obtain a license to use its products in NFTs. Wade Rosen, who was chairman of the company’s board of directors, became chief executive, with former chief executive Frédéric Chesnais being the visionary of many of the company’s new licensing plans and the new Atari Blockchain division.

About the Atari VCS console, things are a little complicated. Its initially promised release for December 2017 was postponed to July 2019, then to March 2020, and then postponed again due to coronavirus.

The console designer resigned at the end of 2019 saying he has been unpaid for six months and sued them, so that probably delayed things so long. In September 2020 the first pieces of the Atari VCS were released but are still very limited in number.

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