News Aimwise aiming to develop a platform for companies to...

Aimwise aiming to develop a platform for companies to launch their own ICOs


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Aimwise, a company based in China, is aiming to develop a platform with which companies can launch their own ICOs, and give the community a higher level of trust when it comes to these funding techniques.

ICOs Break Record After Record

2017 has truly been the year of the ICOs, with dozens of decentralized blockchain based projects using the method to crowdfund their companies. Some of the more popular ones have been able to raise millions and millions of dollars for their respective projects, more than most could even dream about getting from traditional venture capitalist funding. While the system has been pulling in huge amounts of money, this level of financing can begin to attract malicious actors.

Aimwise aiming to develop a platform for companies to launch their own ICOs

The worry facing many at the moment is than when they invest in an ICO, what guarantee do they have that it’s not just a quick exit scam? In the heavily unregulated world of crypto it is a very valid concern. By design digital currencies have no leader or central party, so who could an investor appeal to if their funds were stolen?

Solutions to the current issues

Aimwise aims to provide some method to the madness that is the current world of ICOs. Their goal is to develop a platform that has a multitude of uses for average investors looking to get into the crypto game. Though means of a ICO hosting platform, users will be able to launch their own funding projects using Aimwise. Along with the hosting platform, an incubation system will be put in place to facilitate online discussion and market research of the teams putting their products on the platform. Their hope for the incubator is to have it be a primary source of community feedback and user driven ideas.

Aimwise aiming to develop a platform for companies to launch their own ICOs

The community along with a third party elected review agency can add legitimacy to the different companies. The companies can disclose information and the community can review based on the info. However, companies are incentivized to reveal more about the project sooner rather than later, as the system will give discounts on hosting costs to those ICOs that release more information up front.

Prominent contributors and well deserving moderators will be paid for their efforts in the platform’s native AIM tokens.

Perhaps the most original feature of the platform is the Portfolio Management Service. It gives users an opportunity to use automated fund management solutions. The algorithm takes input from a number of tweakable parameters to tailor a custom investment strategy fitting the desired risk/return ratio, time horizon, token price etc.

Aimwise is set to launch their own ICO come September, and their end goal of the project is to have a fully decentralized platform for developers to raise funds to make their ideas become reality.

How do you think Aimwise will affect the market? Do you think their solutions will become a new industry standard? Let us know in the comments below!

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