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We strive to provide the highest quality of content. Therefore we think our audience is of the highest quality too.

Because Trustnodes is the most trusted news, bringing to our readers tomorrow today.

Which means you’ve probably seen many of our articles become the talk of town, because that is what we live for.

In just 2-3 months we rose from seemingly nothing to 200k monthly views, because we’ve been here longer than most.

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We just have the pulse and the passion. That’s why you’re here. Welcome. Be kind to our readers.

Right now advertising prices are at rock bottom because we have to start somewhere. So count yourself lucky.

Just $1.50 per one thousand impressions of a 336 x 280 sidebar slot you can see on the right, or $5 per day.

Daily orders probably make far more sense because the ad plugin is no google analytics. We can’t vouch for their impressions veracity and are far too busy right now to deal with it.

But you can test them, see what works.  You might like the article bottom slot, at 468 x 60. It will probably be seen by everyone, in all pages, and all devices.

That’s going for $2 per 1k impressions, or $7 a day. Just around $200 a month. Practically free.

As for the header ad, at this point that would be an exclusive. We have not yet had time to rotate it and Ledger Wallet has provided decent revenue so far, so, we have not found it a priority.

Which means we’d need some sort of offer for the header, processed manually at this stage, giving you exclusive prominent space with your ad alone shown in every single page.

For enticing offers, we probably can provide the sidebar or article bottom in an exclusive manner too whereby your ad alone is shown, or, if you’d prefer, we could create new ad slots depending on the nature of the request.

For any questions, problems, or anything, feel free to get in touch with contact@trustnodes.com.

Otherwise, if you’d like to go ahead, please complete the form below. Much of it is self explanatory. You just provide the full URL (starting with http) where you’d like clicks to go and the image. Do remember the sizes, although you get a preview in any event. The thing can be feisty, so just reach out, we humans can deal with it.

Finally, there is a discount of 10% for 10,000 impressions or 30 days and 25% for 100k impressions or 60 days.

We can’t be any more generous.

Welcome to a Great New Partnership



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