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We are more interconnected than ever before. Technological advances have propelled us further than our ancestors thought possible. With this, we have more power and greater choices to do what makes us happy.

While there are many people that enjoy collecting things, or don’t get out so much, more of us are starting to see the possibilities of discovering interesting new places and gaining experiences, rather than things, with the help of our mobile apps. From this point of thinking is where Hooch came along.

Hooch is a mobile app that was created by the entrepreneur Lin Dai in 2015. A successful businessman with an eye for trends, Lin saw a young, restless generation who wanted to get out and about and create real shared experiences.

At the same time, he observed a bloated and inefficient ad industry, often prioritising quantity over quality and genuine engagement. While traditionally ads were seen as a necessary evil, interrupting our attention to spruke us a product in return for free access to a program or app, Hooch has adopted a mutually beneficial advertising strategy, using TAP Coin, a cryptocurrency, to reward users.

1 to 1 Connection With Your Favourite Brands

On the Hooch app, brands that you love communicate with you on a personalised basis. How did this work? Well firstly, advertisers that you agree are relevant to you will connect, offering a customised promotion that is specific to your wishes and/or needs. When you engage with these advertisements you will be rewarded in TAP Coin.

As a user this is something really special. Not only do you have more control over which brands interact with you, you can capitalize on sales at the right time due to your “special relationship”. For the brands this is a win as they know that they have made some impact on a consumer and a win for the user as they can be offered promotions on things they are interested in and receive TAP Coin, which can be used at any Hooch establishments. What’s not to like?

Hooch Black

In just 3 years, Hooch and TAP Coin have partnered with over 100,000 establishments and gone global. With over 200,000 users and growing by the day, the hunger is there for more than just a free drinks app. Step in Hooch Black. The beauty of this service for users is that now holidays or nights out from start to finish can be coordinated all in one place. With this comes more discounts and more TAP Coin.

With the arsenal of features that TAP Coin provides, how long will fiat payments last?

Hooch & Cryptocurrencies Hand in Hand

Let’s face it, traditional currencies are getting stale. Cold hard cash worked for a while, then digital payments came in. This also worked while there were no better, trusted alternatives.

Now there is. We can do away with the slow payments, third party intermediaries and commission when dealing with traditional financial institutions. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become safer, more reliable and more accessible.

Just recently, the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong estimated that roughly 10 percent of digital coins are used in real life, in games and other purchases online. It’s not just investors and crypto nerds who are holding cryptocurrencies anymore.

Regular people want to use crypto as a quick and easy alternative to traditional fiat currencies, especially when travelling overseas. Any person who has gone abroad and grappled with exchanges, extra fees and slow transfers can surely attest to this.

With Hooch Black, you can book a hotel overseas and pay in Ethereum. This completely changes the landscape as there is no fumbling for different wallets and accounts. Bookings, traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies are side by side, instantly accessible, and all in the one place. This is truly a case of a business rapidly responding to the needs of its clientele and providing a platform that is fresh, exciting and creative.

tap coin ico news press release

Search all the discounted hotels Hooch offers in a foreign city, read reviews from users and book instantly with cash or crypto. You can ask your concierge to help you book a restaurant or show you to the best bar in the city.

You can also get up to date info about which club is hosting a VIP event and reserve a spot. All along the way you can build up and use TAP Coin to jetset across the globe. For safety, security, usability and innovation, you can’t go past TAP Coin.

The Sky’s the Limit

As TAP Coin keeps expanding, gaining more and more followers and partnering with bars, restaurant, clubs, hotels and festivals in major entertainment districts all around the world, you will always have a chance to discover something new and meet like minded people. See something new in your own city, go on a road trip or fly to the other side of the world and feel confident, knowing that you have the freedom to live the high life without the associated prices.

Choose whether you want to pay in cash or crypto and know that all your details are kept safe on a decentralized network. The party is waiting for you, are you ready to join it?

If you haven’t gotten on it yet, visit the TAP Coin telegram channel for all the latest news, updates, tips and articles to help you maximise your enjoyment and capitalize on the high life offered to you by Hooch and Hooch Black!

What’s more, if you are a budding entrepreneur who wants to learn more about the merging of advertising and blockchain, you could do worse than visiting Advertising Week. This is an international event where industry leaders and up and comers get together to attend lectures and discover the next big thing in the world of advertising.

If you are still doubting the capabilities of Blockchain, for the first year ever, an entire day is dedicated to advertising solutions related to Blockchain. By the way it will be Lin Dai, the CEO of Hooch and TAP Coin, who will be hosting this blockchain-related event.

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