News 5 Last Minute Crypto Gifts Under 2.5M Satoshis ($100)

5 Last Minute Crypto Gifts Under 2.5M Satoshis ($100)


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5 Last Minute Crypto Gifts Under 2.5M Satoshis ($100)

5 Last Minute Crypto Gifts Under 2.5M Satoshis ($100)

We’re in a pretty brutal bear market for now, and that downturn translates to a decrease in purchasing power for many of us, making Christmas shopping potentially a nightmare. In the spirit of the holidays, however, we’ve put together a list of inexpensive crypto gifts for traders who took a beating on the year.

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Fork Over Satoshis for Some Choice Crypto Gifts

You may be down in USD right now, but rich in satoshis.

If that’s the boat you find yourself in and you’e looking to put some crypto to good holiday use, here are a handful of gift ideas that provide great bang for your bitcoin buck.

5 Last Minute Crypto Gifts Under 2.5M Satoshis ($100)
Got millions of satoshis laying around? Here are some gift ideas to spice up your holiday season.

#5: Hodlinox Seed Backup Plates (~$32)

These backup plates let you etch or scratch your backup seed onto them in a permanent way and will give the serious hodler peace of mind.

They also sell premium versions that are more fire resistant and come in carry cases. Best of all, you can buy them directly with bitcoin.

#4: DIY Full Node Kit (~$80)

Show the crypto geek in your life that you care about their favorite networks, too, with this high-tech present.

With nothing more than a Raspberry Pi, a laptop hard drive, and a few accessories, you can put together a computer that can quietly support any reasonably designed crypto-currency network. There’s even pre-built images that have set-and-forget Lightning nodes on them!

If you can figure out installation yourself, the thoughtfulness of the gift adds to the sentiment, and if not, it gives the recipient a nice day project to take their mind off of the sea of red candles in their portfolio.

The cost of this present comes down even more if you — like me — have multiple single board computers collecting dust in the back of your electronics drawer or a spare spinning hard disk from a previous computer lying around.

#3: LED Crypto Ticker by CryptoCoinDisplay ($70)

This gift certainly won’t reduce the anxiety the anti-fiat person in your life feels during down markets, but it will let them stress about their portfolio very accurately, in real time.

The desk ticker comes in black or white at a reasonable price and can display up to 6 coins contracting in value at once! Woohoo!

#2: Paper Wallet “Gift Card” (Cost: Variable)

If you’re crypto (or fiat) rich and time-poor, why not just give your loved one a pre-loaded paper wallet?

You can easily generate these wallets using an app or online service easily and integrate them into a Christmas card or custom design if you want to put in a little more elbow-grease. Print, load, mail, done.

#1: (Tie) Simply Ramen: A Complete Course in Preparing Ramen Meals at Home … AND/OR A Crate of Premium Ramen Noodles ($16 Hardcover + $7-$20 Ramen Package)

When you or someone you care about falls on hard times, it’s important to make the best of it.

This combination of cookbook and quality instant noodles will get those close to you started on turning their limited budget into a fun part of their lifestyle. If you’re lost for what brand of Ramen to get, I recommend Nongshim Shin Ramyun BLACK, or Jinjja Jinjja if they prefer spicy foods. (Samyang Spicy Chicken and Kimchi are also nice.)

In addition to being the cheapest items on this list, you can easily find both of these in brick and mortar stores if you’ve procrastinated down to the wire.

No matter how you feel about crypto or the people in your life that have gotten themselves into the space, these gifts will be sure to please them this holiday season.

What’s your take? Did you get any crypto gifts this year? Let us know what you got and where you got it in the comments section below. 

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