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Plasma – The Possible Solution to Reduce CryptoKitties Congestion on the Ethereum Network

Plasma – The Possible Solution to Reduce CryptoKitties Congestion on the Ethereum Network By UseTheBitcoin in Cryptocurrency News Home December 31, 2017 ...

2017, The Miraculous Year

When we look back at 2017, within our space and beyond, we might perhaps say that everything changed this year, and...

Central Banks And The Regulation End Game For Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency continues its bull run into 2018, we ask how much longer can central banks avoid the tricky question of regulation? What influences...

Here Are 5 Coins Currently Providing Consumers With a Product

In a market dominated by lofty ideas and little in the way of concrete development, it’s easy to overlook the more grounded...

Chrome Extension ‘Archive Poster’ Is Being Used to Mine Cryptocurrency

Have you heard of “crypto-jacking”? You should — it’s become quite common in the last few months. The idea of using someone else’s computer’s...

Crypto New Year’s Resolutions – Dash Force News

This last year has been a whirlwind of surging market caps, troll wars, and your grandmother asking you how to get those bits of...

The biggest oil story of 2017

There have been plenty of eye-catching stories in the energy industry this year, but...

Crypto Market Crash – Not The New Year’s Present Everyone Hoped For

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a powerful drop this Friday and Saturday. Coins were losing value across the board, with just three of the...

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Remains at Risk – NEWSBTC

Key Points Bitcoin price recovered recently, but it failed to move above the $16,400 resistance against the US Dollar. There is...

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