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Blockchain Will Keep Growing Even After the Bans, Chinese AI Startup

In early September, China banned initial coin offerings (ICOs) and a week later Chinese authorities shut down major cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. In...

NewsBTC In Conversation with Vladimir Gorbunov, CCO and Co-Founder, Crypterium Cryptobank

NewsBTC: You have created a unique product, which at the moment has virtually no competitors on the market: a system for lending using...

Ethereum Hitting $1,000 May Take Several Years – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides &...

At the beginning of July, Luis Cuende, co-founder of Aragon, said that while Ethereum’s value will remain around $260 in the short-term,...

Bitcoin Prices Surge as World’s Largest Exchange Owner Opens Bitcoin Futures

In Brief Bitcoin prices surged past $6,000 as news of CME Group, Inc.'s decision to open a bitcoin futures trading. CME is the world's largest...

Survey: Younger Americans More Interested in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs – CoinDesk

Younger Americans appear to be more interested in...

No, the FCC Is Not Voting on Net Neutrality in November

Last week, there was talk that the FCC had chosen a late November date to vote on rolling back Obama-era net neutrality regulations. These...

Blockchain payment system Metal releases web wallet client

Metal, a blockchain based payment system operating on a process known as Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP) where when users send money or make...
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Trade.io Announces Confirmed Pre-ICO Partnerships With Two International Brokers That Will Adopt Trade.io Technology...

Investors have been anxiously awaiting the time when those huge brokerage commissions would be no more. Thanks to trade.io that time has come and...

Dash Morocco Completes Dash School Arabic Intro, Two Meetups, on Limited Funding

The Dash Morocco team has completed its initial objectives despite a snag in original organization and funding. Originally funded by treasury proposal, the Dash Morocco...

Blockchain traceable coffee: bext360 partners in Africa, Europe and North America

Emerging economy supply chain technology provider bext360, has announced two programs with three partners in Africa, Europe and North America to produce the world's...

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