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Bitcoin Prices Can Be Used To Detect Economies With Manipulated Currency Exchange Rates

  A recently published paper represents a great academic contribution to the process of precise measurement of unofficial forms of exchange...

What’s the Difference Between a Line of Credit and a Credit Card — and...

Small businesses have several options when it comes to securing funding for to help grow and support their enterprises. While many entrepreneurs opt to...

Bitcoin’s Market Share Falls Below 60%

Bitcoin’s market share has plunged in just a few months from a dominance of 95% to less than 60% for the...

Is Mobile Payment Tech Still Insecure? – The Merkle

It began in the ‘80s, when an American cryptographer began toying around with the idea of cryptocurrency. In 1994, the first-ever online purchase was...

New Research Confirms Time Travel is Mathematically Possible

One of the many things that keeps scientists awake at night is whether or not we humans will one day be capable of traveling...

Ethereum Based Golem Has Gone Parabolic, But What on Earth Is It?

It isn’t often the case that a project gets to raise $8 million one day and be valued at some $200...

What is CIPS?

People often argue there is not enough innovation in the financial world, and to some extent, they are absolutely right. However,  there are some...

Monero Price Analysis – XMR Rushes Toward US$25 Mark

As was to be expected, Monero is one of the many altcoins currently enjoying a massive upward boost. The price...

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