blockchain disruptions industries

What makes the blockchain technology so appealing is that it records, validates, and safeguards online transactions using a decentralized network all over the world. And, as more individuals and organizations are getting digitized, blockchain has the most potential of changing the way of running operations.

Succinctly put, it will enhance business performance while offering transparency, accuracy, and a platform that is unaffected by fraud and human interference as much as possible.

Whether you are a driver using a ride-sharing app or a banker, you should get acquainted with the blockchain revolution, as it leaves no industry untouched. In fact, it has already started making changes in the following areas:

  • Ridesharing

While Uber drivers have some level of control over the operation, it is nothing compared to what will happen when the ridesharing industry becomes decentralized and user-driven.

With blockchain applications like Arcade City, drivers can create their rates and decide what percentage they gain. Additionally, both riders and drivers can keep track of transactions via the blockchain system, and if they wish, drivers can offer other types of services like deliveries.

  • Real Estate

If you have ever bought or sold a house, it won’t be difficult to remember how much paperwork was involved and how many documents you had to sign. With blockchain, you can have a catalog filled with land titles, property deeds, loan documents, etc. which are not only stored correctly but are also safe. mentions several real estate companies, such as Ubitquity and Propy, that have already begun to implement blockchain technology for this reason precisely.

  • Online Music

Artists can use the blockchain technology to share their entertainment content with whoever, successfully taking away the middleman while gaining directly from current contract and licensing agreements.

To learn about the other affected industries, you should go through our infographic below and also share it with others, so they know what to expect in the coming years

blockchain disruptions infographic



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